Anthony Bourdain’s 4 All-Time Favorite Episodes


Throughout the eight seasons of Anthony Bourdain: no reservation Broadcast on the Travel Channel, the late TV host, chef and author Anthony Bourdain has visited an astonishing 68 different countries. From his hometown of New York to the edge of the world, it’s hard to imagine anyone having experienced as much of what the world has to offer as he has.

Bourdain has made no secret of his favorite places he has traveled during the show’s tenure. He was constantly talking and writing about a few, explaining why he had fallen so deeply in love with them, their cuisines and their cultures.

Antoine Bourdain | Isaac Brekken / WireImage

Vietnam was undoubtedly his favorite place of all

Bourdain was head over heels in love with Vietnam, a fact he repeated over and over again. He shot three episodes there for No reservations, visit Hanoi, Saigon and even venture into the central highlands.

In an interview in 2014 he said Condé Nast Traveler that his first time in the country completely changed his life.

“The food, the culture, the scenery and the smell; they are all inseparable, ”he said. “It seemed like another planet; a delicious one that kind of sucked me in and never let go.

Sardinia was one of Bourdain’s most personal episodes

Anthony Bourdain with his ex-wife

Anthony Bourdain and Ottavia Busia | Taylor Hill / Getty Images

Most people probably don’t know much about Sardinia. The Big Island is off the coast of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. It is also one of the 5 Italian regions which have a degree of national autonomy.

When Bourdain went there to shoot an episode, he took his then wife with him. She was born there, and that’s where her whole family still lived. This is one of the first times she is included in the series, which makes this one very special to him.

“The cinematography was amazing,” Bourdain said. “And the editors, despite sitting on their knees for much of the cut and making their lives miserable, responded with a beautiful and heartfelt love letter to what is for the most part. people from an unknown culture. “

Bourdain called Venice the golden period of cinematography for “No Reservations”

Venice is one of the most beautiful and alluring places you can visit. The history, ancient buds and canals make it an unforgettable experience.

When Bourdain filmed there in 2009, he said the series was really starting to take off. They incorporated different film lenses and shooting styles that they had never used before. It made one of Anthony Bourdain’s favorite episodes of all time.

Bourdain told the Travel channel that the episode was “… an example of a show that came out exactly as we planned, looked and sounded the way we wanted it to, and it also had the added benefit of being filled with great characters and food. . “

Rome was Anthony Bourdain’s favorite episode of all time

The episode shot in Rome in 2010 was one of Anthony Bourdain’s favorite episodes of all time. They took a completely different approach this time around, shooting only in black and white, while still being mostly stationary instead of their usual racing and pistol style.

Bourdain said everyone thought it was a bad idea. However, he persisted because he knew it would become a unique piece of storytelling.

“I am very proud of the Rome episode of No reservations because it violated all received ideas about the creation of television, ”he said. “You’re never, ever supposed to do a black and white food or travel show.”

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