Another Superhit Remake From South ‘Dear Dia’ Is About To Hit A Deal


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (NewsSee) Several films in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada have been adapted in the manner of Bollywood. “Dear Dia” is one such upcoming movie. Under the name of Netrix Entertainment, the film will be distributed. Kamlesh Singh Kushwaha is producing the film, which was written and directed by KS Ashoka (the director of the Kannada Dia film).

The film is unlike any other love tale you have ever seen, and it will create an unfathomable image in your mind. Songs by Palak Muchhal, Jubin Nautiyal, Shankar Mahadevan and Jyotica Tangri were also recorded for Dear Dia.

Mihika Kushwaha makes her film industry debut with Dear Dia. Speaking about her film, Mihika Kushwaha says, “We grew up watching Bollywood movies where the love triangles were always idealistic. But this film has something unique. It all feels very real and achievable. We hope Dear Dia touches your heart and leaves you in awe.” To view the trailer, please click on the link

Kamlesh Singh Kushwaha, the film’s producer, offers his thoughts: When asked, “Many love triangle movies have been made, what makes Dear Dia unique?” The producer said, “The treatment given to the film is different. The climax is unusual compared to the typical happy endings of Indian cinema. It will be difficult for the audience to judge things as the story progresses.” ”Are there any memories from the set of Dear Dia that you would like to share?” Kamlesh Singh Kushwaha shared that “Once, during winter filming, we shot for almost 16-18 hours, and had to stop filming due to extreme fog around 3 am. Then we were shooting at Medanta Hospital in Lucknow. Mihika and Ujjawal were seriously injured in one scene, so the makeup the artist did was so real it looked like they were really injured in an accident. Both actors had bandages wrapped around their body parts, blood oozing from the cast, and numerous marks on their bodies. When the actors were walking around the hospital, the hospital staff and other people asked them to sit down and relax because they thought they were badly injured, but they didn’t know the two actors were doing part of the character sets. do you think Dear Dia will be a box office success?” to which the film producer Dear Dia replied that “It was a hit film in Kannada language without songs and we added four beautiful songs, sung by iconic singers like Jubin Nautiyal, Shankar Mahadevan, Palak Muchhal and Jyotica Tangri. And the movie is going to explode.” ‘Dear Dia’ features Mihika Kushwaha, Pruthvi Ambaar and Ujjwal Sharma in prominent roles. Directed by KS Ashoka, produced by Kamlesh Singh Kushwaha and Netrix Entertainment, distributed by White Lion Entertainment. Songs by Palak Muchhal, Jubin Nautiyal, Shankar Mahadevan and Jyotica Tangri. Released June 10, 2022 in theaters near you. REP REP

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