Alumni reveal the secrets of production with a new book


Film alumni Jennifer Haire (BFA ’02) and Gilana M. Lobel (BFA ’05) reveal the inner workings of the film and television production office with their new book, “Keys to the Production Office” (Routledge/Focal Press) , available now.

Haire and Lobel offer a behind-the-scenes guide for people just starting out in entertainment and a valuable point of reference for best practices across the industry. The contemporary production office is a professional ecosystem, with a unique set of hierarchies, workflows and expectations.

In their book, Haire and Lobel level the playing field, allowing someone with little experience to prove themselves a valuable addition to the crew. From big picture essentials to granular details like script assembly, office signage, and document distribution, Haire and Lobel examine every aspect of the job. The Fighting Pickle even appears as the subject of an example plant-inspired movie “script” and more!

An essential chapter, “Reel Life, Unhinged”, covers professional realities such as the challenge of freelancing, how to fight unemployment, and advance your career through the production office.

Lobel said, “The film industry is like this secret society, isn’t it? You have to be in it to get into it, to be successful in it. We wanted to break down those barriers by saying, “No, we’re going to tell you all the secrets of how to do this job. We hope this will open doors for a whole community of newcomers. The film industry shouldn’t be a secret.

Haire is a Directors Guild of America (DGA) Executive Producer and Executive Producer with global film and television experience. His commitment to the entertainment industry includes serving on the boards of the Producers Guild of America and IATSE Local 871, as well as launching international training and safety education workshops for crews. of production.

Lobel, a New York-based producer and DGA production manager, has worked on major feature films and television programs in various capacities. She is dedicated to telling diverse stories and creating a more inclusive work environment by collaborating with industry organizations to encourage upward mobility in film and television.

The book is now available on

This article originally appeared in the 2022 issue of Scene.


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