Alexandria authorities arrest in cinema shooting


According to some reports, the authorities in Alexandria made an arrest in connection with a shooting that took place in a parking lot of the Grand Theater. Comments on social media say the entire theater has been evacuated due to the incident.

Facebook via Corey Howard

Reports of the incident that occurred on the evening of July 19, 2021 originally came out of KALB News Channel 5 via Facebook and you can see this post below.

Local media arrived at the scene as the Alexandria Police Department investigated. See more of Corey Howard on Facebook below.

An arrest was made in the incident, with the DPA making the announcement on Facebook.

According to the APD, Antonio Brooks, 19, was arrested and charged with two counts of attempted second degree murder, one count of second degree murder and one count of armed robbery.

The Alexandria Police Department continues to investigate the shooting.

According to a Facebook commentator, those inside the cinema at the time of the shooting have been evacuated.

Facebook via KALB News Channel 5

The commentator adds that those evacuated from the theater were unaware of the circumstances until they were in the parking lot.

This story is still in development. As the details of the incident become known, we will update this post with new information.

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