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The film of life Aaliyah: the princess of R&B began the process of Alexandra Shipp becoming a household name. Shipp has since expanded his career, taking on a variety of different roles and showing exponential acting growth over the years. Whether you know her as Storm in the X Men movies or Abby in Love, Simon, Alexandra Shipp probably caught your eye. Now more than ever, with her starring performance in Tic, Tic… Boom.

For those who don’t know Shipp, the Netflix the movie is sure to make you want to watch it more. Fortunately, there are many projects featuring the Tic, Tic … Boom star streaming and available for purchase or rental on your favorite VOD platform. Let’s watch a few other Alexandra Shipp movies and TV shows that are available to stream or rent.

Alexandra Shipp as Storm in X-Men

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The X-Men movies (Disney +)

Alexandra Shipp made her Storm debut in X-Men: Apocalypse, where a team of young mutants must face off against the first of their kind and then take over the role in X-Men: Black Phoenix, when the party faces a trusted former ally.

Storm is a beloved X Men character, and Halle Berry had already added her signature style to the character, so Shipp had a lot going on, but she managed to give her version of Storm a distinct style and character. We doubt we’ll ever see Shipp as Storm again in the near future, but sometimes actors who you thought would never play a superhero come back to shape.

Stream X-Men: Apocalypse on Disney +.
Stream X-Men: Dark Phoenix on Disney +.

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Rent / Buy X-Men: Dark Phoenix on Amazon.

Alexandra Shipp in love, Simon

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Love, Simon (Hulu)

Love, Simon is a teenage romance comedy-drama about Simon (Nick Robinson), a boy who comes to terms with his sexuality and finds his first love thanks to a secret email correspondent. However, he’s not ready to tell the world about his sexuality, which leads him to have to lie to his friends and interfere in other people’s love affairs. Love, Simon Also stars Josh Duhamel, Jennifer Garner, Katherine Langford, Alexandra Shipp, Jorge Lendeborg Jr. and Keiynan Lonsdale.

In Love, Simon, Alexandra Shipp plays Abby, one of Simon’s best friends and one of the main people at the center of the romantic drama, without involving Simon’s own quest for love. Shipp gives Abby a charm and sweetness that makes it easy to see why several male characters want her heart.

Stream Love, Simon on Hulu.

Alexandra Shipp in Tragedy Girls

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Tragic Girls (Hulu)

Daughters of tragedy is a horror comedy about two teenage girls obsessed with serial killers. They then attack the serial killer business on their own. Daughters of tragedy stars Alexandra Shipp, Brianna Hildebrand, Josh Hutcherson, Craig Robinson, Kevin Durand and Jack Quaid.

Daughters of tragedy is one of those really funny, unique and strangely charismatic horror comedies that few people have seen. McKayla from Shipp and Sadie from Hildebrand are both very funny and have a bond of friendship that makes them so fun to watch together. You will likely find yourself backing them up, even if that means they have to kill a few more people.

Stream Tragedy Girls on Hulu.
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Alexandra Shipp in all the bright places

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All the bright places (Netflix)

All the bright place is a Netflix original film based on the book of the same name. They are two teenagers, Violet (Elle Fanning) and Theodore (Justice Smith), both emotionally and mentally suffering teenagers. They are paired up on a project and find love for the first time, which provides solace and joy.

Alexandra Shipp plays Theodore’s older sister, Kate, who becomes like his guardian figure. One of All the bright placesThe strength of s is the brother and sister relationship between Kate and Theodore. Their bond is felt strongly on screen and this is what helps anchor Theodore’s character, which binds viewers to him and makes the ending more impactful.

Flux All the bright places on Netflix.

Alexandra Shipp in House of Anubis

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Anubis House (Paramount +)

house of Anubis was an original Nickelodeon series that aired for three seasons from 2011 to 2013. It followed residents of an English boarding school. Each season involved a different mystery surrounding the Anubis residence at the school. The series played many different actors over the three seasons, but Brad Kavanagh, Jade Ramsey, Eugene Simon, and Alex Sawyer were among the actors who appeared in each episode.

Alexandra Shipp played KT Rush. house of Anubis introduced his character in the third and final season. She was a major character and played a big part in this season’s mystery. This was one of Alexandra Shipp’s first lead roles, so this is a good series to watch if you want to familiarize yourself with her early work.

Stream House of Anubis on Paramount +.
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Alexandra Shipp in Drumline: A New Beat

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Drumline: A New Beat (Amazon)

Drum line: a new rhythm is the sequel from 2014 to Battery line. This film follows Danielle “Dani” Raymond (Alexandra Shipp) who wants to become the drum conductor of an elite marching band at a historically black fictional college. Drum line: a new rhythm also stars Leonard Roberts, Mario Van Peebles and Jordan Calloway. It also includes Nick Cannon, who repeats his Battery line role by Devon Miles.

Drum line: a new rhythm is a VH1 original movie, so it’s not exactly the best on this list, but it’s a fun movie that picks up some of the same beats as the original movie. Shipp creates a likable heroine that you want to see rise to the challenge and exceed expectations.

Rent / Buy Drumline: A New Beat on Amazon.

Alexandra Shipp on the Silk Road

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Silk Road (Hulu)

Silk Road is a film about a young man who creates a website that allows people to buy drugs and have them delivered through the United States Postal Service. It is based on the actual events surrounding the real Silk Road and Ross Ulbricht website. It stars Nick Robinson, Jason Clarke, Alexandra Shipp, Jimmi Simpson and Paul Walter Hauser. Tiller Russell directed Silk Road.

Silk Road is a fascinating film, especially since the film is based on real events. Shipp plays Ulbricht’s girlfriend, Julie. At first, she’s gone for the ride, but then begins to worry about her dancing with the dark side of the internet, and Shipp plays the switch perfectly.

Stream Silk Road on Hulu.
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Alexandra Shipp in Dude

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Dude (Netflix)

Dude follows a group of high school friends who see their last days of school shattered by broken promises, death, boys and growing up. It stars Lucy Hale, Kathryn Prescott, Alexandra Shipp and Awkwafina.

The chemistry between the four tracks of Dude is what sells this movie. You think these are the friends who may think they’ve got it all figured out, but it’s still just teenage girls trying to make sense of life. The characters of Awkwafina and Alexandra Shipp act more like comic relief, which is necessary when Dude tackles some heavier topics.

Stream Dude on Netflix.

Alexandra Shipp to Jexi

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Jexi (show)

Adam DeVine stars in Jexi. The film is a romantic comedy about a man whose smartphone begins to teach him about living his life and begins to manipulate situations in his favor. Jexi also stars Alexandra Shipp, Michael Pena and Rose Byrne.

In my opinion, Adam DeVine is an ideal romantic role. It always ends up charming its way into the hearts of the public, and Jexi is no exception. You’re looking for his character to gain the character of Shipp, and that’s mostly because of their on-screen chemistry and how easy their romance is.

Stream Jexi on Showtime.
Rent / Buy Jexi on Amazon.

Alexandra Shipp continues to impress with each new project; Tic, Tic … Boom perhaps one of its best performances to date, and it’s definitely one of the best recent movies on Netflix. We can’t wait to see more of Alexandra Shipp’s on-screen evolution and her next big projects.



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