Additional film study and battles against Russell Wilson setting up Pat Surtain II for Year 2


ENGLEWOOD, Colorado— Pat Surtain II and the Broncos still have several weeks of organized team activities and a mandatory minicamp week before their summer break.

When he and his teammates leave the UCHealth Center for the six weeks between the end of the offseason program and training camp, Surtain’s work has only just begun.

As Surtain looks to build on his first season which earned him All-Rookie honors, these weeks will be used to refine his game.

“The best thing I can do is be able to work on little bits and things – little bits of my game or add little bits to my game,” Surtain said Thursday. “Also, work on things that you know you’re good at, but you know you can improve too. Just that little bit of management for me. That’s what I’ll be able to do.”

The offseason schedule will also include a film study, as Surtain said he will start focusing on some of his early opponents. In the first weeks of the season, the Broncos will see some of the NFL’s best point guards, including DK Metcalf at Seattle in Week 1 and Deebo Samuel against the 49ers in Week 3.

When the regular season rolls around, Surtain and the Broncos will definitely be planning a game to slow those players down. During the summer, however, Surtain will deliver his first works.

“You start early, before boot camp, before we start this phase of boot camp,” Surtain said of the film work. “Just keep an eye on them, keep an eye out for trends, look at route concepts – all of that – and what they like to do. You can always catch an eye on them early.”

Those small advantages could be the difference for Surtain as he looks to improve on a year in which he recorded the most interceptions by a Broncos rookie in nearly 40 years.

“I think the next step is to continue to build on [2021], keep growing and keep learning every day because in the league you learn from experience,” Surtain said. this league. That’s what I’m doing.”

Surtain has gained — and will continue to gain — that experience in practice as he takes on Russell Wilson and the Broncos’ wide receivers. On Tuesday, Surtain had huge deep route coverage by Courtland Sutton on the left side. Surtain stayed stride for stride with the taller wide receiver and extended his arm to make the play hard on Sutton.

The coverage was excellent. Throwing and landing were even better.

Surtain acknowledged Thursday that sometimes, despite his best efforts, Wilson is quite good at throwing and passing indefensibly.

“It was a great ball,” Surtain said. “I was in great coverage and it was just an amazing pitch.”

As the young player looks to improve, this kind of test is invaluable.

“It helps me a lot to face top talent like that with a great quarterback and great perimeter players,” Surtain said. “It helps me as a player and to develop my game. It’s always great to face them.”


Some of the enduring images of the 2021 season are of Javonte Williams running through multiple defenders.

He moved a stack against the Cowboys and carried Baltimore’s Marlon Humphrey on his back for 20 yards.

Williams has taken his collegiate reputation for physical play to the NFL, and he’ll continue to rely on his killer style as he enters Year 2.

When asked if he would ever consider going out of bounds at the end of a run to avoid a hit, Williams just laughed.

“No,” Williams said. “I’ve done this my whole life, so I’m going to keep doing it.”


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