Actor Michael Weir has a retirement filled with movie and theater memories


If you’ve seen community theater in northwest Arkansas, you’ve no doubt seen Michael Weir on stage.

Sometimes it’s in leading roles like King Herod in “Jesus Christ Superstar”, Nicely-Nicely Johnson in “Guys and Dolls”, Hysterium in “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” or Tito in “A Comedy of Tenors”.

Sometimes, like now, it’s part of the ensemble, in this case the goofy guests populating a floating casino called the Barracuda in the Arkansas Public Theater’s summer musical, “Disaster.” He’ll be back on the APT stage this fall as Professor Harold Hill’s sidekick Marcellus Washburn in “The Music Man,” but between performances and his day job as a real estate broker, he’s talked of that place in his house where he and his wife Kelly – who met at the theater – retreat and enjoy their free time.

My favorite space is: My home theater room, which is a big bonus room in our house.

Why? I love old movies, and I have several hundred films from all eras, some famous and some forgotten. The ones made in my lifetime always take me back to that time, but I also find it fascinating to watch a film made before I was born and think about where we were in our history and how audiences reacted at that time.

Early favorites are the Marx Brothers. I consider myself so lucky to be able to watch a comedy they performed for us over 90 years ago.

This room is also where I keep memories of shows I’ve been on. I also keep the items I’ve acquired from the many sporting events I’ve attended – mostly Razorbacks – and all the CDs, tapes and records I’ve ever bought. I have a book of ticket stubs from past concerts, sporting events and Broadway shows. These objects have a personal meaning for me because they remind me of different moments in my life. I find solace in this chamber of memories, because the ones I keep are all the good ones.

I’m always looking to add: Things to remind me in the future of the memories I’m creating now.

The subject of this space that I like the most is: my father bought me an autographed photo of Lucille Ball at a charity auction. This is by far the coolest thing I have in there. [And] my grandmother once gave me a movie poster of a Humphrey Bogart movie that I have had since I was a teenager.

The object in this space that I have the strongest emotional connection to is: I have this stained glass parrot my dad made for me that originally hung in my childhood bedroom window . It has been posted in every apartment and house I have lived in since. I think if I was told I could only keep one thing from this room, it would be the parrot.

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Perhaps Weir’s most prized possession is this stained glass parrot his father made. “It was posted in every apartment and every house I lived in,” he says. “I think if I was told I could only keep one thing in this room, it would be the parrot.” (Courtesy picture)
Photo Actor Michael Weir, currently performing in the Arkansas Public Theater’s summer musical “Disaster,” has a retreat in his home filled with movies, music and theater memorabilia. (Courtesy picture)
Photo Some of Weir’s favorite community theater roles are immortalized on the shelves of the Bonus Room which is his home retreat. (Courtesy picture)
Photo Weir’s grandmother gave him a movie poster of a Humphrey Bogart movie he’s had since he was a teenager. (Courtesy picture)

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