Abhishek Bajaj Hopes Omicron’s Peak Business Will No Longer Impact the Film Industry | Bollywood


Abhishek Bajaj is only hoping that the situation will not impact cinemas across the country, as it will once again impact the film trade.

As cases of the Omicron variant are on the rise in the country, many, including actor Abhishek Bajaj, fear it could lead to a shutdown again.

The actor, whose film Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui just released in theaters, just hope the situation does not impact cinemas nationwide as it will affect the movie industry again

Speaking about whether he thinks there is a concern that there might be a situation where people are no longer going to the movies, the actor said: “I feel concerned but I think people have adjusted. change. I think we are used to living with the pandemic. Now everyone wants to live their life normally. People just don’t want to be alive, but want to live their life.

He further notes that people are more aware of the virus and the safety precautions. “I don’t think the public will hesitate to go to the movies because of the current increase in cases. Moreover, closing again cannot be an option because it will again lead to a loss of livelihood, which no one can honestly afford, ”Bajaj said.

Many countries have gone into lockdown again, and Bajaj says that while he doesn’t want to happen in India, he adds, “If the government thinks of another lockdown, we’ll have to comply. But we want to learn to live with it.

The actor, who made his debut with Student of year 2 (2019) is relieved that he finally has another theatrical release, even though the gap between his two releases has been huge.

“Things are behind schedule for me too. After Student of the year, this is the first version for me after such a long time. I did other projects as well, but this is my first film to be released in theaters. The industry generates so many jobs, ”he says.

Hoping to see the film industry flourish, the actor says he’s happy to see people return to the magic of cinemas. “The feeling of watching a movie is in theaters. I always preferred it. OTT was a phase and it was also good because people couldn’t get out. But when it comes to theater, the vibe is very lively and you get involved in a movie. The experience is different. Each actor wants to see himself on the big screen, not on the home screens, ”he concludes.


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