A trying year for cinema


Clockwise from top left, posters of Nabob LLB, Mission Extreme, Lal Moroger Jhuti and Rahana Maryam Noor. – IMDB

Bangladesh’s film industry has become a shadow of itself. There was a time when family visitors flocked to cinemas to enjoy movies.

The film industry has suffered for decades from the lack of quality films and has been hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis.

In addition, visitors reluctant to go to cinemas, producers and owners of cinemas count the losses.

Iftekhar Uddin Naushad, general manager of Madhumita, shared his frustration.

“Most of the films released in 2021 had failed to attract moviegoers. Only Mission Extreme performed well at the box office. Many films are made with government grants in the country, but not all of them leave an impression on moviegoers, ”he said.

Naushad believes the situation will improve in 2022. “I hope the situation improves and better quality films come out in 2022. Otherwise, it will be difficult for our film industry to bounce back,” he said. added.

Mia Alauddin, vice-president of the Bangladesh Film Exhibitors Association, also echoed a similar point of view.

“2021 has been a disastrous year for the film industry. I hope that 2022 will bring us hope and that a lot of good films will be released in the country. A cinema can make a profit even if it operates at least 30 percent of its capacity. In 2021, cinemas could not sell tickets even for a third of the seats during shows, ”he said.

Renowned filmmaker Nurul Alam Atique said the country’s film industry is seeing a resurgence.

“Bangladesh’s film industry is going through a period of prosperity as many new talented directors are emerging in the country with their excellent films, which participate in international film festivals. They gain international exposure and pave the way for the next generation, ”said Nurul Alam Atique.

In 2021, a number of films about the founding president of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, including Mujib Amar Pita, Tungi Parar Mia Bhai and August 1975, among others, were released in local cinemas.

The 2021 film debut was Keno Shontrashi, directed by Rabiul Islam Raj. It was released in January.

In February, Kamol Sarkar directed Rangbaji The Lafanga and Md Atiqur Rahman Lavelu’s Pagoler Moto Bhalobashi was released.

In March, five films were released, including Tumi Acho Tumi Nei by Delwar Jahan Jhantu, Gontobbo by Aranya Palash, Atlachakra by Habibur Rahman, Sphulingo by Tauqir Ahmed and Priyo Komola by Shahriar Nazim Joy.

In April, Tungiparar Miabhai from Selim Khan, Joiboti Konyar Mon from Nargis Akhter and Soubhagyo from FI Manik were released.

No films were released in May. In June and July, two films directed by Ananya Mamun, namely Nabab LLB and Koshai, were released on the OTT platform named I Theater before their theatrical release.

In August, August 1975 of Selim Khan and in September, Nariri Shakti of BH Nishan were released.

In October, Asif Iqbal Jewel’s Mujib Amar Pita, Rashid Palash directed Padmapuran, Chandrabati Kotha from N Rashed Chowdhury and Dhaka Dream by Proshoon Rahman were released.

In November, E Desh Tomar Amar of FI Manik, Rehana Maryam Noor of Abdullah Mohammad Saad, Hridoyer Anginay of Abul Kashem Mondol and Rezwan Shahriar Sumit directed Nonajoler Kabbo.

In December, the film Lal Moroger Jhuti by Nurul Alam Atique and Raat Jaga Phool by Mir Sabbir hit theaters.


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