A return to the integration of cinemas in vacation plans


People find a number of ways to spend the rest of Thanksgiving Day after eating their feast. Some play touch football while others can take a walk or a nap.

And, some like to go to the movies.

Local cinemas are ready and more than willing to welcome these folks back into the holiday movie magic, as 2021 saw an increase in film and moviegoers following closures in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In progress.

“We’re still in this pandemic bubble that we just can’t seem to get out of, so we always take the safety of our customers and our own safety as a top priority. “said Emily Bell, Marketing Director of Schulman’s Movie Bowl and Grill.

Schulman’s in Sherman temporarily closed on March 17, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and reopened to the public approximately two months later in May. Since that time, the theater has opened a drive-in and other measures aimed at the safety of customers and site employees.

Customers can choose their seats in advance, and the theater has built a one-seat buffer zone around family groups.

“We understand that people still don’t want to sit next to strangers,” Bell said.

In addition, cleaning protocols are still in place.

“We are constantly cleaning every surface that anyone can touch multiple times a day,” said Bell.

This includes cleaning each seat, tray, and doorknob between shows.

And the shows themselves are coming back. Already, the new Ghostbusters movie is in theaters, then at Christmas, they anticipate the release of “Sing 2”, which will inevitably be a family favorite.

Historically, the most popular times to visit the theater were on holiday weekends.

“The pandemic has negatively impacted every traditionally important box office holiday, from Remembrance Weekend through July 4, and even sidelined the all-powerful summer movie season it didn’t. So it’s no surprise that Thanksgiving is also affected, ”Comscore analyst Paul Dergarabedian said in a 2020 CNBC article.

Box office records show that nationwide, nearly a quarter of a billion dollars is spent on movie tickets. Sales of theatrical and specialty items like limited edition shirts, mugs and more multiply the theater’s profits over the season.

“Over the past decade, the five-day Thanksgiving sprawl – from Wednesday before Thanksgiving to Sunday – has generated more than $ 250 million in ticket sales each year,” the CNBC report said. “The only two years that did not meet this threshold were 2011 and 2014, but the box office tally still exceeded $ 230 million in each case.”

Of course, Schulman’s is more than a movie theater.

So, people can also enjoy the arcade or bowling after that Thanksgiving feast and maybe practice a little ax throwing as a way to breathe a little breath if these pumpkin pie political talks get too intense.

Schulman’s is not Sherman’s only cinema.

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The theater with more than 331 theaters nationwide, including 86 in Texas, closed in March 2020 and opened to the public in April of that year.

Although the shutdown only lasted a few months, Cinemark still faces the side effects of the shutdown. According to the Motion Picture Association, box office dollars are down 80% and ticket sales are down 81% in 2020, and a majority of Americans – 54% – haven’t walked into a movie theater in Canada. during the calendar year 2020.

Normally, this number is just under 25 percent.

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Cinemark officials referred the Herald Democrat to information online which showed all staff were required to wear masks and cleaning protocols were similar to those described at Schulman. They also have the option of choosing their seats in advance.

And, guests who are not vaccinated for COVID-19 are asked to wear masks.

As 2021 at the box office continues, Cinemark is aiming for the same gains at Schulman with projections showing interest in late 2021 releases including House of Gucci, Nightmare Alley, West Side Story, Spiderman: No Way Home and The Matrix.



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