10 Critically Acclaimed Horror Movies That Aged Badly


A common misconception among the general public about horror movies is that their sole purpose is to scare their audience. However, true horror fans know the genre is more sophisticated. The entertainment industry runs on trends. With constant current, even some classics can’t stand the test of time.

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It takes a specific type of person to enjoy watching chainsaw massacres, petrifying demons, and sticky vampires. Again, with ever-changing trends in the entertainment industry, even critically acclaimed horror movies aren’t immune to the nasty judgment of audiences.

This article contains a mention of sexual assault.

10/10 The popularity of the ring is its Achilles heel

Surprisingly, the 2002 American remake of the 1998 Japanese Ringu did justice to his predecessor. the ring tells an urban legend-like story about a cursed videotape that spreads like a modern-day chain letter, even promising death for anyone who watches it.

Ironically, the “ghost lady emerging from a television” scene that went viral jeopardized the film’s popularity. Now, decades after its release, everyone is joining the ring with the infamous scene. Gore Verbinski has crafted a weirdly haunting film with visuals that make everyone’s skin crawl. Unfortunately, most of its plot depends on the suspense of the unknown. As this is unjustly stolen from those who have not seen the film, the film is ruined for everyone afterwards.

9/10 The Lost Boys was way more ridiculous than Twilight

1987 the lost boys, a satire on the now overacted vampire scene, was deliberately gritty and comedic. After four Dusk films and eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries, the images of vampires have sufficiently run their course. Although debuting decades before both, the lost boys also suffered the fallout from the continually demeaning vampire angle.

Joel Schumacher’s teenage vampire thriller pokes fun at the horror genre. the lost boys is one of the most prominent names in horror comedy. Sadly, that doesn’t give the film much credence in 2022, as horror fans are now more interested in being spooked. Everything on the lost boys hasn’t stood the test of time – whether it’s the vastly overplayed vampire plot, the horror-comedy genre’s decline in popularity, or just the tacky ’80s costumes.

8/10 Scream is a classic slasher that’s been reduced to a tired meme

Scream, the original icon of Wes Craven’s 1996 slasher classic, has been parodied far too many times to be taken seriously. By today’s horror standard, Scream comes out a bit too eccentric. With so many groundbreaking storylines rocking the film industry since the ’90s, even Craven’s witty deconstruction of slasher film isn’t enough to stay on top.

Sure, a horror movie addict wearing a cartoon-like mask who hunts down teenagers and stabs them as a reward is still pretty entertaining. However, call Scream horror experienced can be a bit exaggerated.

7/10 Poltergeist loses its appeal due to decreased fear of clowns

In reality, Fighting spirit has more to offer than a stupid clown. In fact, he’s not even the main antagonist of the film. However, the dated visuals of ghosts and vicious spirits have little to offer. That leaves a childish-looking amateur clown and a creepy face-peeling streak to take their place. Unfortunately, it has aged rather poorly too.

In its heyday, backed by actual material from a serial killer clown on the loose, Fighting spirit was a scary movie that got a little too real. After three decades, clown horror has lost some of its appeal. When the technology and movie standards of the 80s are compared to those of today, it’s no surprise that the latter is far superior. Review the film with today’s eyes, Fighting spirit is downright laughable.

6/10 The Basket Case is already hard to enjoy, but the ending makes it downright impossible to watch

It’s a bit disturbing that the horror of Frank Henenlotter’s conjoined twins, basket case, has a cult following, even more so with this sickening ending. Being a disfigured twin brother locked in a wicker basket, Belial’s hatred for the world comes into its own. But that doesn’t excuse the despicable things he’s done to Sharon, especially not when his omission does nothing to obstruct the story.

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At no time in the history of planet earth should sexual assault be a downfall. Yet that is exactly what basket case did. A sharp-toothed blob-shaped creature restrains Sharon before killing her in a vile and gruesome manner. The camera focuses on Sharon’s heartbreaking terror and exploits her naked body begging to escape her clutches. It’s ogling and objectifying and should receive harsher reviews even though the film was released four decades ago.

5/10 Carrie lacks horror

Nowadays, Carrie takes the throne for one of the best Stephen King film adaptations ever created. The classic gory tale of a teenage outcast battling petty high school bullies is bolstered by an overbearing pious mother who won’t let her daughter breathe. Frustrated with her life, the titular Carrie somehow unlocks supernatural powers that change her life forever.

Frankly, Brian De Palma’s take on Stephen King’s novel is still a classic watch. Carrie mixes young adult and horror elements well. It’s just not scary enough to keep up with today’s horror standards. It’s a slow burn that builds tension and suspense for the climax at the end. It’s a bit disappointing and gets rather old after a watch.

4/10 The Evil Dead’s low budget is generous

diabolical death is a low-budget horror that adds comedic elements to the scary genre. On one level, Sam Raimi revolutionized the ’80s indie horror scene. However, the brutal gore goes overboard with vile, unnecessary sexual assault.

Before suffering a cruel death, Cheryl is brutally assaulted as she is tied up and pulled on her limbs by tree vines on a dirty forest floor. In a 2012 interview, Raimi admitted that the scene was way too graphic and “freeEven after Raimi’s admission of wrongdoing, Fede Alvarez’s 2013 reboot still included said adult offensive sequence, one of the worst ever composed in movie history. Everything about Cheryl’s assault is in bad taste and the absolute worst call. , but it should never have existed in the first place.

3/10 The silence of the lambs has a strong influence on pop culture, including negative political values

Thesilenceofthelambs is the beloved movie that sparked the decently known television series Hannibal. Although a cannibalistic killer is quite a scary character, the police propaganda and extreme transphobia are the true horror element of the film.

Drawing protests from GLAAD, the early ’90s film is overdue even for the two-decade-old political climate. Due to the powerful influence of Jonathan Demme’s masterpiece on pop culture, even critics worried about the possible negative ramifications brazen transphobia would have on society. Today, the language around gender identity and the overall trans experience has grown exponentially. The sectarian attack on the queer community leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

2/10 Jaws is just one of many

Jaws changed the game. Legendary Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster kicked off a niche subgenre that has grown tremendously since 1975. Spielberg was slow to reveal the big bad shark. It created a tense and suspenseful aura, reproducing a predator chasing its prey. However, the four-decade-old film has aged poorly, especially with the countless shark movies that haven’t quite reached Spielberg’s standard of 47 years ago.

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The animatronics of the 70s don’t compare to the impressive CGI of today. Not only are the visuals a little dated, but they’ve unknowingly set off a domino effect of harmful misinformation about sharks. Yes, they are predators, but statistically speaking endangered species are rapidly and unfairly dwindling at the hands of humankind.

1/10 Nosferatu is xenophobic and anti-Semitic

Nosferatus is based on a piece of xenophobic literature and directed by a German director in the 1920s. Nosferatus never had a chance. At Bram Stokers Dracula had already perpetuated racist fears of foreigners, a mindset widely held in the 1920s. However, Murnau Nosferatus amplifies the sentiment by turning Count Orlok into a rat. As if the blatant display of anti-Semitism wasn’t enough, Orlok lives to spread disease wherever he goes.

Although a fictional horror, it was often used as anti-Semitic propaganda by the Nazi Party at the time. Nothing about Nosferatus delivers a pleasing message. Still, the critically acclaimed film is still one of the most influential silent horrors in terms of cinematography.

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